Mercedes Drive Axle Boot Replacement

The rubber boots on your Mercedes drive axles are there to protect them from dirt and debris and avoid excess wear. A torn or missing boot allows dirt to accumulate on the wear surfaces of your axles (at the CV joints) and creates scratches and wear. In a short time, your worn axle components will affect the drivability of your Mercedes and create vibrations and shuddering that gets worse with time. To avoid these problems, it's important to have a trusted professional like our experts here at Burdi Motorworks inspect your Mercedes drive axle boots from time to time and replace them at the first sign of cracking or tearing. Properly greased and covered axles can last the lifetime of your vehicle, so don't let a small tear in your boots create major problems that can take your car out of service and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Replacement Frequency Mercedes doesn't list drive axle boots as a service item, meaning they should last the life of the vehicle. Damage ... read more

How to Tell If Your Mercedes Shocks Need to Be Replaced

Adequate shocks aren't simply a matter of comfort. While many drivers equate shock absorbers with ride comfort, they also play a key role in the handling, braking and general safety of your vehicle. Did you know your shocks can even affect your fuel economy and performance? Since your shocks and struts play such a prominent role in how your Mercedes Benz operates, it's helpful to be able to tell if your shocks are bad. Our team here at Burdi Motorworks has the experience to diagnose strut and shock issues with your Mercedes and make the necessary repairs. We've put together this list of warning signs that your shocks are bad and need to be replaced. Read the different signs and keep them in mind. At the first sign of ride, handling, braking or other suspension-related issues, contact us to schedule a service appointment so we can help you figure out what's wrong. Common Signs of Shock Problems All cars will eventually require strut and shock replacement. Over time ... read more

What Does It Mean When Your Mercedes RS Light Stays On?

Airbags (also called SRS or Supplemental Restraint Systems) have been standard equipment on Mercedes models for decades. The newest models come with front airbags for the driver and passenger, as well as an assortment of airbags the protect from side impacts and leg injuries. Your Mercedes Benz vehicle monitors your SRS function at all times and displays a warning indicator on the dash to let you know if the system is malfunctioning. It is important to make note if your SRS light is on and have your airbags serviced right away. When your SRS light is on, some or all of your airbags may not be armed and ready to protect you in case of an accident. Our team here at Burdi Motorworks is a Chicago-area leader in Mercedes and Sprinter service and repair and has the tools, knowledge and experience to diagnose your SRS problems and make all necessary repairs. Spotlight on Air ... read more

Mercedes Radar System Errors and Solutions

We've all experienced walking around with fogged-up glasses or sunglasses. It makes it impossible to see. Now, imagine how your Mercedes feels when its radar system sensors and cameras are covered in dirt, sleet or snow! At the very least, they won't function at all. In some cases, they might function erratically or cause unnecessary braking, deceleration or swerving because of incorrect sensor readings. When winter comes — or any time the road gets dirty — remember to ensure the various radar sensors in your Mercedes are clean, clear and unobstructed. Due to the high-tech nature of these components and their high cost, take extreme care when cleaning them off and follow our guidelines for keeping them clear and ready to provide their full function for autonomous driving and cruising. How to Clean Mercedes Radar Sensors For the worst winter conditions, you need to remove snow and ice just like you would from your windshield, windows and headlights. Take car ... read more

Issues With Distronic Plus on Your Mercedes Vehicle

Many modern Mercedes Benz models are equipped with Distronic Plus, which is Mercedes' foray into the world of autonomous driving. While Distronic Plus won't fully drive your car for you, it uses cameras and sensors coupled with your cruise control system to provide a level of autonomous driving in stop-and-go traffic. It also detects when a vehicle in front of you is braking and can apply the brakes to get you stopped safely. Every iteration of Distronic Plus improves on the previous version — in fact, the system is already changing the way many people drive and commute. As with all technologies, there are certain pros and cons: Pros: Can provide braking and acceleration in stop-and-go traffic. The system detects when an emergency stop is required. Distronic Plus ‘locks' onto vehicles in front of you, keeping you at a safe distance. GPS data is used to help predict corners and traffic slowdowns. Your vehicle will move at steadier speeds, improving fuel eco ... read more