Symptoms of Problems With Mercedes Bluetec Diesel

Mercedes line of Bluetec' turbocharged diesel engines can be found under the hood of many different Mercedes cars, SUVs and vans. These powerful and efficient diesels are designed with advanced controls for smooth power delivery, low emissions and reduced fuel consumption. As with any modern engine, these engines require regular service to maintain reliability and can suffer from a variety of problems as they get older. It's important to watch for symptoms of problems with your Bluetec diesel and have it serviced before major damage occurs. On top of following your regular Mercedes service schedule at a qualified shop, pay attention to the small signs that can indicate problems with your Bluetec diesel. Common Symptoms of Bluetec Diesel Issues While troubleshooting the exact cause of an engine requires experience and advanced diagnostic equipment, there are a few symptoms that can help point us to the root of certain problems. Consider symptoms such as: Hesita ... read more

Symptoms of a Bad Mercedes Throttle Actuator

The throttle actuator under the hood of your Mercedes vehicle helps control the throttle response under load. This advanced component helps keep power delivery smooth when going up and down hills or when extra demands are put on your engine — heavy loads, power draw from your AC unit, etc. If your throttle actuator is unresponsive or broken, you can suffer from a range of problems with the following symptoms: Throttle hesitation: If your throttle actuator is malfunctioning, your throttle response will not be as quick as it usually is and can result in a hesitation when attempting to accelerate. This can be related to a fault with the actuator itself or problems with sensors for air and/or fuel delivery. Engine stalling: If your engine stalls when you release the throttle, your throttle actuator may be the problem. Usually, when you let off the throttle, your engine speeds drops slowly to idle. A faulty throttle actuator can allow the engine spee ... read more

When Your Mercedes Sprinter Loses Power

Mercedes Sprinter van owners choose their vehicles because of the impressive mix of power, reliability and fuel economy. If any of the sophisticated control systems on the vehicle are malfunctioning, you can have issues with starting, idling or driving your Sprinter. In many cases, these problems will get worse until the van won't start at all or you suffer a major failure that requires a serious overhaul to repair. Recognizing Power Loss Issues Knowing how to troubleshoot some common cause of your Sprinter van losing power allows you to contact a qualified Mercedes shop before they become major issues and have them fixed. Watch for power loss issues related to: Turbo lag: This is when there is a lag between the moment you start to accelerate and the moment the turbo kicks in to deliver full power, acceleration and pulling power. Loss of power: If there is a problem with your engine, your Sprinter can go into ‘limp home' mode &m ... read more

Troubleshooting Mercedes Transmission Problems

When your Mercedes transmission is running properly, it delivers power seamlessly and effortlessly in all driving conditions. As with all transmissions, however, problems can creep up that make driving difficult or impossible. At the first sign of transmission problems, it's important to visit a qualified shop for inspection, diagnosis and service to avoid breaking down or further damaging your transmission. Common Problems to Watch out For Most of these possible transmission problems aren't unique to Mercedes. All automatic and manual transmission can suffer from these issues. In the case of Mercedes, however, the highly sophisticated and advanced engineering that goes into their transmissions means that hundreds of parts work together to transfer the power from the engine to your drive wheels. A problem with any number of these components can cause the following transmission problems: Clunking noises: Abnormal noises usually mean that there is signi ... read more

Mercedes Limp Home Mode

Mercedes vehicles are equipped with computerized components that detect electrical and mechanical problems. When a problem is detected, the vehicle goes into limp mode, warning you about an impending problem that could put you and your fellow motorists in danger if you don't have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible. This guide goes into more detail about what limp home mode is, various problems that can cause your Mercedes to go into this mode and how to get it out of this mode. What Is Mercedes Limp Home Mode? Mercedes car limp mode is indicated by the check engine warning light, which activates when an issue erupts within the vehicle. If an error in the transmission causes the vehicle to jump into third gear and remain stuck in that position, you have a case of limp mode. If the car begins to drag at low speed with insufficient power despite an ample supply of gas, the Mercedes is probably in limp mode due to a serious mechanical issue. So what does Mercedes limp mode mea ... read more