Signs of a Bad Mercedes Fuel Pump

A fuel pump rarely goes out without warning. Unlike some automotive issues that can occur suddenly, you can usually start to detect a tired fuel pump and have it fixed before your car leaves you stranded. The high-pressure fuel pumps on Mercedes vehicles deliver computer-controlled fuel at a specific rate for maximum performance. Get to know the signs of a bad Mercedes fuel pump and react before you suffer an inconvenient breakdown. Complete Failure Is Rare While any pump on any type of vehicle can fail, fuel pump issues aren't a widespread problem on any Mercedes models. Mercedes Benz fuel pump relay problems are more common and can make it appear that your fuel pump has failed. In many cases, your relay simply needs to be replaced, instead of the pump itself. Watch for these signs that your fuel pump is starting to act up so you can take your vehicle to a professional to get it back in proper running shape: Difficulty start ... read more

Mercedes TPMS Troubleshooting

Most modern Mercedes vehicles come equipped with a sophisticated tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). This system checks the pressure in each of your four tires in real-time and indicates any problems on the dashboard. Driving with properly inflated tires has several advantages: Safer driving: Under- or over-inflated tires can make handling and braking dangerous. Less tire wear: Properly inflated tires wear less and last longer than when the pressures are incorrect. Better fuel economy: You burn less can when your tires are at the right pressure. Road noise and comfort: You get maximum comfort and reduced road noise when air pressure is optimal. This is why the Mercedes TPMS system is such a popular feature on their lineup of cars, SUVs and vans. As with all underhood automotive systems, the TPMS can suffer from issues as it gets older. We've put together this troubleshooting guide to help you determine when you ... read more

Mercedes Valve Stem Seal Replacement

While the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) on many Mercedes vehicles is a handy feature, it isn't without its problems. Due to the design of the valve stems, corrosion and damage can cause them to leak. While this is a concern with the wheels on your car, your car's computer system will detect a leak when it starts and warn you that it needs to be corrected. In the case of your spare tire, however, the problem can be more of a hassle. A leaking spare tire valve stem can mean that your spare tire is completely flat when you go to use it. This can leave you stranded on the side of the road or unable to get where you need to go. Our experienced team can inspect your tire valve stems if you are having any issues and make all necessary repairs and replacements to keep your tires fully inflated at all times. How to Avoid Cracked Valve Stems The design of your TPMS valve stems includes metallic caps that can cause premature corrosion of the valve stems. Brass valve stem ... read more

Issues With Mercedes Camshaft Position Sensors

The advanced design of your Mercedes engine includes many sensors to monitor and detect engine operating conditions and adjust fuel delivery and timing. The camshaft position sensor determines the precise position of your camshafts and adjusts the fuel ejection and firing of the ignition system for maximum power and efficiency. If your camshaft sensor gets worn or damaged, your engine can suffer several problems that make it difficult or impossible to drive. Knowing the symptoms can help you understand what is wrong and know when it is time to contact a qualified shop to service your Mercedes and get it running properly again. What to Watch For These are some of the common symptoms to watch for to know if your camshaft position sensor is having issues: Drivability issues: Problems during acceleration or at idle can indicate that your camshaft position sensor isn't detecting the position of your camshaft correctly. You may experience hesitation, stumbl ... read more

Common Problems With Mercedes Brakes

While the braking systems Mercedes installs on its vehicles are typically powerful and reliable, some problems can creep up as the cars get older. Regular brake inspection and service can extend the life of any braking system, but when problems creep up, you need to address them right away. Complete brake failure is rare, though a loss in braking power can be a scary experience and result in an accident. At the first sign of brake fade or other braking issues, contact a qualified shop. Make sure that every drive is a safe drive by paying close attention to common brake problems and their symptoms. Our team here at Burdi Motorworks has been taking care of braking system repairs of Mercedes customers in the Chicago area since 1991 and have the experience and knowledge to help you understand your braking problems. Common Braking Problems There are some braking issues that can occur with any make and model of vehicle. Watch for these telltale signs that something is wrong ... read more