Signs of a Bad Mercedes Fuel Pump

A fuel pump rarely goes out without warning. Unlike some automotive issues that can occur suddenly, you can usually start to detect a tired fuel pump and have it fixed before your car leaves you stranded. The high-pressure fuel pumps on Mercedes vehicles deliver computer-controlled fuel at a specific rate for maximum performance. Get to know the signs of a bad Mercedes fuel pump and react before you suffer an inconvenient breakdown.

Complete Failure Is Rare

While any pump on any type of vehicle can fail, fuel pump issues aren't a widespread problem on any Mercedes models. Mercedes Benz fuel pump relay problems are more common and can make it appear that your fuel pump has failed. In many cases, your relay simply needs to be replaced, instead of the pump itself.

Watch for these signs that your fuel pump is starting to act up so you can take your vehicle to a professional to get it back in proper running shape:

  • Difficulty starting: If your Mercedes vehicle is difficult to start, it might be because your fuel pump is struggling to deliver enough fuel. Sputtering or chugging during starting is a common sign that your fuel pump needs to be serviced or replaced.
  • Decrease in power: Fuel pump problems show up during driving as a lack of power, misfires or reduced acceleration. When you back off the throttle it might seem that your vehicle is running well again due to the decreased demand for gas.
  • Lower fuel economy: When your Mercedes fuel pump isn't delivering a steady supply of fuel to the engine, your computer forces it to pump even more to compensate. The result is higher gas consumption and lower miles per gallon.
  • Whining noises from your pump: A failing or faulty fuel pump tends to make a whining noise, which is amplified due to the fact that it's installed in your fuel tank. This noise is usually a mechanical whine that contrasts with the regular dull hum of a properly functioning fuel pump.

At the first sign of any of these fuel pump issues on your Mercedes, contact our team here at Burdi Motorworks. We are a Chicago-area leader in Mercedes Benz service and repair and can quickly diagnose your fuel pump issues. Our experienced technicians will tell you if your fuel pump issues come from a bad relay or if your pump needs to be serviced or replaced.

We're proud of our reputation as a leader in Mercedes Benz service and look forward to helping you with your fuel pump problems and getting you back on the road. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.