Mercedes Radar System Errors and Solutions

We've all experienced walking around with fogged-up glasses or sunglasses. It makes it impossible to see. Now, imagine how your Mercedes feels when its radar system sensors and cameras are covered in dirt, sleet or snow! At the very least, they won't function at all. In some cases, they might function erratically or cause unnecessary braking, deceleration or swerving because of incorrect sensor readings.

When winter comes — or any time the road gets dirty — remember to ensure the various radar sensors in your Mercedes are clean, clear and unobstructed. Due to the high-tech nature of these components and their high cost, take extreme care when cleaning them off and follow our guidelines for keeping them clear and ready to provide their full function for autonomous driving and cruising.

How to Clean Mercedes Radar Sensors

For the worst winter conditions, you need to remove snow and ice just like you would from your windshield, windows and headlights. Take care to remove ice buildup without hitting or dislodging your sensors. You will want to remove snow from your:

  • Grille-mounted camera
  • Windshield-mounted camera and sensors (typically behind your rearview mirror)
  • Any bumper-mounted sensors (front and rear)
  • Side mirror-mounted 360-degree sensors and cameras
  • Rearview camera (often mounted above your license plate bracket)

Gently brush snow off all your radar sensors. You want to be careful chipping ice away, as you can easily damage or shift your sensors — especially the ones in your bumper and grille. The location of your Mercedes radar components may vary, so get to know their location and consult your owner's manual to be sure you know where they are before winter hits and they get covered.

Removing Road Dirt and Buildup

Your radar sensors and cameras can get dirty any time of the year. Road dirt can build up on the lenses, rendering your Distronic Plus autonomous cruise control and other radar systems inoperable. Use soapy water to clean your sensors just like you would wash your car, taking extra care not to scratch the covers over your camera lenses.

Damage from road debris like sand, rocks or other impacts can permanently damage your radar sensors, cameras and other components. Even a small dent in your bumper can shift the bumper sensors and cause incorrect readings. If you discover any damage to your various autonomous driving and radar systems or have a warning message on your dash that they aren't operating correctly, it's time to schedule a service visit with our team here at Burdi Motorworks.

We are located in Schiller Park, near Chicago's O'Hare airport. Our experienced team will inspect your radar system and perform any cleaning and repairs necessary to get it functioning properly again. Be sure to get the most out of your advanced Mercedes driving aids by keeping them clean and in good repair all year ‘round!