Symptoms of Problems With Mercedes Bluetec Diesel

Mercedes line of Bluetec' turbocharged diesel engines can be found under the hood of many different Mercedes cars, SUVs and vans. These powerful and efficient diesels are designed with advanced controls for smooth power delivery, low emissions and reduced fuel consumption. As with any modern engine, these engines require regular service to maintain reliability and can suffer from a variety of problems as they get older.

It's important to watch for symptoms of problems with your Bluetec diesel and have it serviced before major damage occurs. On top of following your regular Mercedes service schedule at a qualified shop, pay attention to the small signs that can indicate problems with your Bluetec diesel.

Common Symptoms of Bluetec Diesel Issues

While troubleshooting the exact cause of an engine requires experience and advanced diagnostic equipment, there are a few symptoms that can help point us to the root of certain problems. Consider symptoms such as:

  • Hesitation under acceleration: This can be a problem with the fuel delivery or exhaust gas recirculation system under the hood of your Bluetec-equipped Mercedes.
  • Stalling or sputtering: Older Bluetec diesel engines can have stalling issues at idle or when letting off the throttle due to throttle actuator problems.
  • Rough vibration and reduced power delivery: Sludging issues in the Bluetec series of engines is a result of the oil being ‘cooked' high temperatures.
  • Turbo lag or failure: If you notice increased turbo lag or your turbo fails to come on at all, you likely have a damaged turbo — bearings and cracked vanes are common culprits.
  • Oil leaks: Even a few drops of oil can indicate a leak in one of many different areas — oil pan, oil cooler, oil filter, turbocharger, etc. Due to a lack of space, it can be difficult to find the source of a leak.
  • Poor fuel economy: A noticeable drop in fuel economy is a sign that your Mercedes Bluetec diesel isn't running properly and requires service

All of these symptoms are an indication that something isn't right with your Bluetec diesel. Due to the complexity of Mercedes' modern diesel lineup, there can be several possible causes of these problems. That's why you should bring your Mercedes car, van or SUV to Burdi Motorworks for service.

An Experienced and Qualified Mercedes Shop

At Burdi Motorworks, we have been servicing Mercedes vehicles in the Chicago area since 1991 and have factory-trained technicians that know the Bluetec diesel lineup inside out. Bring us your Mercedes at the first sign of problems with your diesel engine, and we'll diagnose the issues. We use Mercedes-approved tools and parts to make sure your vehicle is repaired correctly and so that you can enjoy many more miles of enjoyable and reliable service from your diesel Bluetec powerplant. Contact us today to set up your service appointment.