What Does It Mean When Your Mercedes RS Light Stays On?

Airbags (also called SRS or Supplemental Restraint Systems) have been standard equipment on Mercedes models for decades. The newest models come with front airbags for the driver and passenger, as well as an assortment of airbags the protect from side impacts and leg injuries. Your Mercedes Benz vehicle monitors your SRS function at all times and displays a warning indicator on the dash to let you know if the system is malfunctioning.

It is important to make note if your SRS light is on and have your airbags serviced right away. When your SRS light is on, some or all of your airbags may not be armed and ready to protect you in case of an accident. Our team here at Burdi Motorworks is a Chicago-area leader in Mercedes and Sprinter service and repair and has the tools, knowledge and experience to diagnose your SRS problems and make all necessary repairs.

Spotlight on Airbags

Some recent airbag recalls rocked the automotive world and shone a spotlight on the importance of properly functioning airbags. Mercedes Benz designs all of their cars to exceed all safety standards and crash testing and counts on their airbags to keep you safe in case of an accident. When you start your vehicle, the onboard computer cycles through hundreds of checks, including verifying the status of your airbags.

Your SRS dash light will come on momentarily at start-up. Don't worry — this is normal. If your SRS light blinks or stays on, there is an issue with your airbags that needs attention. In some cases, it might simply be a problem with a sensor that our technicians can correct quickly. In other cases, one of your airbag modules (in your steering wheel, dash, headliner or doors) may be faulty and require replacement. Since your dash light won't tell you which airbag is causing the error code and you can't predict an accident before it happens, you should contact us for a service appointment as soon as possible.

Seatbelt-Related Issues

On modern Mercedes vehicles, your seatbelt pre-tensioners are also wired into your SRS system. Consequently, a belt problem can trigger your SRS dash light. While random airbag deployment is extremely rare, the bigger risk is that your airbags won't trigger in a serious accident as they are designed to do. The results can be serious, so don't ignore an SRS error message. Instead, contact us here at Burdi Motorworks and schedule an appointment. We will scan your vehicle and determine what is wrong with your airbags before making the necessary repairs in accordance with Mercedes guidelines.

Don't trust just anyone to handle your advanced Mercedes Benz airbag system. Instead, come to Burdi Motorworks and benefit from our years of experience and advanced product and diagnostic knowledge to get your Mercedes airbags working perfectly again.