How to Tell If Your Mercedes Shocks Need to Be Replaced

Adequate shocks aren't simply a matter of comfort. While many drivers equate shock absorbers with ride comfort, they also play a key role in the handling, braking and general safety of your vehicle. Did you know your shocks can even affect your fuel economy and performance? Since your shocks and struts play such a prominent role in how your Mercedes Benz operates, it's helpful to be able to tell if your shocks are bad.

Our team here at Burdi Motorworks has the experience to diagnose strut and shock issues with your Mercedes and make the necessary repairs. We've put together this list of warning signs that your shocks are bad and need to be replaced. Read the different signs and keep them in mind. At the first sign of ride, handling, braking or other suspension-related issues, contact us to schedule a service appointment so we can help you figure out what's wrong.

Common Signs of Shock Problems

All cars will eventually require strut and shock replacement. Over time, your springs start to sag and your shock absorbers start to leak. When this happens, your vehicle will start to sag (either in the front, back or both). This sagging causes several different problems:

  • Worn shocks can affect wheel angle and camber, causing premature tire wear and tire scrubbing that lowers fuel economy.
  • With worn shocks, your car tends to dive more during hard braking, which can upset your handling and increase your stopping distances.
  • Shocks that no longer control the up and down motion of your vehicle can make it lean in corners and when turning, upsetting your car's handling.

All of these problems will get worse over time and can eventually make your vehicle unsafe or uncomfortable to drive. Before it gets to that point, contact our team here at Burdi Motorworks. We're a Chicago-area leader in Mercedes Benz and Sprinter service, maintenance and repair and can help you determine if your shocks need replacement. If they do, we can order the right Mercedes OEM or approved parts and install them so you can get back on the road with confidence.

Above-Average Service for Your Above-Average Vehicle

A Mercedes isn't an average vehicle, so don't settle for average shock and strut service. Instead, trust your Mercedes to Burdi Motorworks. We're proud of our reputation and will take the time to explain what is wrong with your struts and shocks so you can make the best repair decision. Contact us today and tell us about your suspension problems and we will schedule service at your convenience. A Mercedes is a pleasure to drive, so get back to that road-owning feeling with a shock and strut replacement from the top name in the area — Burdi Motorworks!