Ouch! What to Do if You Hit a Curb with Your Mercedes

Most of us have hit a curb at some point with our car. At slow speeds, such as when parking, it may not be a major problem. If you've hit a curb, pothole or other obstacle while driving at city or highways speeds, however, you can cause serious damage to your car.

To help you understand what to do if you hit a curb, our team here at Burdi Motorworks put together this helpful guide. If you've caused damage to your Mercedes, give us a call for body work and collision repair on your Mercedes! No matter which car, truck, van or SUV you drive, it's important to take a few minutes after hitting a curb to inspect your vehicle for damage and have it properly repaired.

Three Areas to Check on Your Mercedes Benz After Hitting a Curb

Look at the following areas:

Tires and Wheels

The biggest risk of car damage from hitting a curb is to your tires and wheels. A sharp hit to a curb can blow a tire or nick the rubber. Even a small cut to your tire's sidewall can create a potential blowout while driving. Inspect your tires and wheels for:

  • Low tire pressure
  • Cuts or nicks to your tire or missing rubber from a sharp impact
  • Dents or cracks in your wheels or rims

Suspension and Alignment

After hitting a curb with your car, it is common to knock your wheels out of alignment. If you keep driving without having your alignment corrected, you risk uneven wear on your tires and less grip for acceleration and braking, especially in the rain. Verify the following items with the help of a certified technician:

  • Check that your alignment is true and straight
  • Confirm that the camber of your wheels is in specification
  • Verify all bushings, ball joints and other suspension components

Body and Undercarriage

Even if your curb hit doesn't affect your wheels or suspension, it's important to check for damage to your body or undercarriage. A high curb or deep pothole can strike your front bumper or bodywork. You can also damage your radiator support or other undercarriage components and lines. After a curb hit, check the following:

  • Your bumpers and lower fenders, including foglights and reverse lights
  • Your radiator and any coolant lines that hang down below your chassis
  • All brake, transmission and exhaust components running along your undercarriage

There's no need to panic after hitting a curb with your car, but we suggest pulling over as soon as you can safely do so and following the tips on our guide. If you find any damage, have any doubts or need help inspecting and repairing more serious damage, contact our factory-trained technicians here at Burdi Motorworks. We're the Chicago Mercedes-Benz specialists who offer great value and expertise to get your Mercedes back on the road after an unfortunate curb hit.