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The brakes and tires are some of the most crucial parts of your vehicle. If either is not working properly, it will affect the entire car. When you encounter a problem with either system, you’ll need to bring it in for a repair as soon as possible.

Burdi Motorworks is your local alternative to the Mercedes-Benz dealer. We are located in Schiller Park, IL and serve the Chicago area. We provide top-quality repairs, inspections and other services to Mercedes-Benz owners and fleet owners at a lower price than the dealership. For all of your maintenance and repair needs, come to Burdi Motorworks.

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Mercedes Brake Services in Chicago

If you’re having a problem with your braking system, you need to bring in your car as soon as possible.

Several common issues can occur with your vehicle, no matter the make or model. Even a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz can be affected by these problems. Below are some of those issues that Burdi Motorworks can fix:

  • Fading: If your vehicle needs a greater distance to brake, you have a fading problem. This is typically caused by brake overheating.
  • Noises: If your vehicle is making strange noises while braking, it can indicate that something is wrong.
  • Unusual Feel When Braking: If the anti-lock feature is worn or if the traction control features are off, it can make your brakes feel like they are not working as they should.
  • Pulling: When your Mercedes tends to move on its own to the right or left, even when the steering wheel is straight, one of the brakes may not be releasing all the way.
  • Shaking: Sometimes the braking system can affect the balance of the car and cause the steering wheel to shake.

Like any car manufacturer, sometimes a Mercedes model has certain issues or tendencies. There are only a few instances of problems like this affecting a model’s brakes. The GL SUV model can have vibrations during the ride because of a front brake issue. Unfortunately, even when certain parts are replaced, the issue comes back. With second-generation CLS models, the front brakes can stick. Proper service can fix this problem.

Mercedes-Benz Tire Service in Chicago

Your tires and your brakes are closely related systems. When you brake, you’re relying on your tires to react at the same moment. Even when your brakes are in great shape, old or worn tires will make them seem like they’re acting inefficiently.

To make sure your Mercedes-Benz braking system is working right, you should bring in your vehicle for regular tire service. Burdi Motorworks can provide several important services for your vehicle’s tires to make sure they’re performing their best. These are the tire services we offer:

  • Tire Replacement: How frequently you need new tires will vary depending on a few different factors, such as the type of car you own, the place you live and more. There are also many types of tires out there. At Burdi Motorworks, we will help you find the right tires for your vehicle. We can also advise you on putting together a tire replacement schedule and help you recognize when you need new ones.
  • Tire Alignment: During a tire alignment, your Burdi Motorworks technicians will adjust the vehicle’s suspension. The suspension is the component on your car that connects the wheels to the rest of the body. You may need a tire alignment if your car is pulling to the left or right, if your car is going straight but the wheel is an at angle, if the steering wheel vibrates or if your tires have uneven wear.
  • Tire Rotation: The purpose of a tire rotation is to even out the wear on the tires. How frequently you need to have your Mercedes tires rotated is usually suggested in your owner’s manual.
  • Tire Suspension: Debris on the road can kick up and damage the suspension on your vehicle, which can affect your tires. When you get a tire suspension service done, you may also need a wheel alignment as well. The tire suspension can throw off the wheel’s balance.

Since the tires and wheel system have effects on other systems in your vehicle, taking care of your tires lets you take care of the rest of your car, too. How frequently you bring your vehicle in for tire service will depend on how frequently you use it, the terrain you are traveling on and more. Burdi Motorworks can perform each of these tire services on your Mercedes.

Why You Should Choose Burdi Motorworks

You could go to any repair shop for your repairs, but why not go to a Mercedes repair shop for Mercedes brakes? Burdi Motorworks has specialized in Mercedes repair for over 40 years. Burdi Motorworks technicians are factory-trained on Mercedes vehicles, use tools designed for Mercedes vehicles and work on Mercedes vehicles every single day. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to trust your Mercedes tire rotation in Chicago, Mercedes tire alignment in Chicago, oil changes, tune-ups, suspension repair, steering repair or just about any other problem with your Mercedes vehicle to anyone else.

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Importance of Mercedes Brake and Tire Maintenance

There are many reasons why you should give your Mercedes brake and tire systems proper maintenance.

When you maintain your tires and replace them when necessary, it keeps them safe, efficient, performing well and keeping the proper traction. When your tires are working right, they keep everyone in the car safe. Whether it’s just you or your whole family, you know how much safety matters. Your tires’ safety depends on how they are performing — if they’re too worn down, they won’t work the way they should.

Like your vehicle’s tires, the brakes take a lot of heavy use. You don’t use every system in your car every time it goes out, but you definitely use your brakes on every trip. If you have a heavy foot on the brakes or have a heavier vehicle, it will take even more.

The braking system is complex, with each part relying on the others. When even one small thing isn’t working right, it affects the entire system. Regular brake maintenance will reveal those problems and get them fixed.

When you complete regular maintenance, you’re also saving yourself money in the long run. If you don’t take your Mercedes in for routine maintenance, the small issues can turn into bigger problems. The cost of maintenance, over time, will be much lower than if you had to pay for those bigger repairs. Maintenance will also be a planned cost, but repairs can’t be planned the same way. When you can plan ahead for as many expenses as possible, you don’t have to dip into savings or other emergency funds.

Burdi Motorworks understands why you need to maintain your Mercedes. We are experts in a number of different services and will help keep your car performing the way a luxury vehicle should.

How are your Mercedes brakes and tires holding up? If you need Mercedes brake repair in Chicago, tire replacement, tire rotation or alignment in Chicago, you need to get in touch with the highly trained Mercedes repair technicians at Burdi Motorworks. Burdi Motorworks is your ideal stop for Mercedes brake repair in Chicago, located right near O’Hare Airport.

The Burdi Motorworks Difference for Mercedes Maintenance and Repair

A Mercedes-Benz is a precision vehicle, and it deserves precision maintenance and repair. However, that doesn’t mean you need to pay a fortune for service. Burdi Motorworks is a family business that prides itself on quality service at a fair price. Burdi Motorworks technicians perform a wide range of services, from Mercedes A service and B service to suspension, radiator and steering repairs, to dealing with problems with engines, transmissions, wheels and tires, and more — and all these services are performed at prices that they’ll put up against any repair shop in the Chicago area.

Let Burdi Motorworks Take Care of You

If you’re ready to let your Mercedes, and you, get the care you deserve when it comes to repair and maintenance, get in touch with Burdi Motorworks today. You can call us or contact Burdi Motorworks online to find out more or to schedule maintenance or repairs.

If you’ve gone 10,000 miles without maintenance on your Mercedes, or your system is telling you you’re scheduled to come in, there’s no time to waste. Remember, Burdi Motorworks is conveniently located right near O’Hare and provides free shuttle service to the airport, local Metro stations, Rosemont CTA or a local car rental facility to make the process even easier for you.

At Burdi Motorworks, we are an alternative to the Mercedes-Benz dealer. We provide the same quality services that the dealership does, but at a lower cost. We are located in Schiller Park, IL and serve the Chicago area. We’ve been working on all models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for more than 40 years, giving us the experience and knowledge necessary to provide expert service on your vehicle.

For the best workmanship, convenience and value, visit us at Burdi Motorworks. To learn more about our services or to schedule a service appointment, please contact us today.

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