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Mercedes EGR Valve Problems

The EGR valve is a notorious problem area on old cars. This pollution-control device is designed to redirect controlled amounts of exhaust gas back into the intake manifold so they can be burnt off and reduce NOx emissions. While the principle is simple, the high temperatures and soot can cause the valves to stick in either the open or closed positions. As a result, your engine can present starting, idling or drivability issues and create tailpipe pollution that is beyond the allowable limits for an emissions test. When Your EGR Valve Sticks Open Rough idle, especially when the car is cold — when your car feels like it is stumbling or about to stall The smell of fuel in the tailpipe exhaust — this is unburnt fuel passing through the exhaust A check engine light (CEL) or malfunction indicator light (MIL) on your dash An increase in fuel consumption compared to what you're used to seeing with your Mercedes A failed emissions test due to high level of hydrocarbons present in ... read more

Sprinter Limited Start Issues: What to Know

Dashboard lights and error messages are often the banes of our existence as vehicle owners. A vague check engine light can mean a number of different things — those of us without scan tools or car repair knowledge can be left with a spinning head trying to figure out what's going on. If you or your company owns a Sprinter van, chances are you have experienced a start error or two. While these errors certainly can be causes of concern and point to issues that need to be addressed in your vehicle, there's no need to panic — a little education can go a long way. Here at Burdi Motorworks, we have extensive experience identifying, diagnosing and repairing these vehicles and thus know a thing or two about Sprinter start errors. Let's take a look at what these start errors might entail to get a better understanding of what's at play. Sprinter Van Start Errors: A Brief Overview If you or your drivers have ever turned the key in a Sprinter van only to see a message reading “st ... read more

Sprinter Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement: A Brief Overview

Filter replacement is a staple of automobile maintenance. Whether it's your air filter, oil filter or fuel filter, it's important to check in at regular intervals to make sure your filter is doing its job and doing it well. A properly installed and cared for filter can help provide you with strong fuel efficiency, protect the environment and ensure reliable operation. One of the critical components of a Sprinter van is its diesel particulate filter. This part is something you'll want to keep track of as it will need to be swapped out for a new unit every now and then. Let's take a look at what you need to know for Mercedes Sprinter DPF replacement. Diesel Particulate Filters: What They Do and When to Swap Them Out On a Sprinter van, a diesel particulate filter prevents your vehicle's exhaust from shooting out excess black smoke, keeping the environment a bit healthier and helping people breathe cleaner air. Interestingly, at certain intervals when a great deal of soot has been collecte ... read more