Sprinter Diesel Particulate Filter Replacement: A Brief Overview

Filter replacement is a staple of automobile maintenance. Whether it's your air filter, oil filter or fuel filter, it's important to check in at regular intervals to make sure your filter is doing its job and doing it well. A properly installed and cared for filter can help provide you with strong fuel efficiency, protect the environment and ensure reliable operation.

One of the critical components of a Sprinter van is its diesel particulate filter. This part is something you'll want to keep track of as it will need to be swapped out for a new unit every now and then. Let's take a look at what you need to know for Mercedes Sprinter DPF replacement.

Diesel Particulate Filters: What They Do and When to Swap Them Out

On a Sprinter van, a diesel particulate filter prevents your vehicle's exhaust from shooting out excess black smoke, keeping the environment a bit healthier and helping people breathe cleaner air. Interestingly, at certain intervals when a great deal of soot has been collected by the filter, a “regeneration” is triggered by your vehicle's on-board computer. During this process, your Sprinter redirects engine heat to the filter, where the soot is burned up. This helps extend the life of your DPF and keep your Sprinter running smoothly and efficiently.

If your diesel particulate filter is too full of soot or too contaminated with other non-exhaust particles, however —particularly those caused by the usage of improper oil in your engine — a manual regeneration will need to be triggered, which will incur an additional cost.

Other components of your Sprinter's engine bay — such as a swirl glap motor, temperature sensor or EGR valve — can cause your DPF to be clogged as well. The easiest way to spot a clogged DPF is to look for a warning light on the dashboard, but there are other signs you can look for should the light not show up.

A backed-up diesel particulate filter can present significant issues for your Sprinter, resulting in decreased performance and inhibited operation. To keep your Sprinter running in optimal condition, therefore, make sure to inspect, clean and replace your DPF on a regular basis. A qualified Mercedes-Benz mechanic can help identify, diagnose and address DPF issues, so make sure to consult with one if you suspect your DPF needs to be cleaned or replaced.

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