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Mercedes Benz NOx Sensor Issues: How to Know If Your NOx Sensor Is Bad

Modern automobiles are chock full of amazing conveniences their traditional counterparts lack. GPS navigation, Bluetooth audio and improved safety mechanisms help provide comfort and convenience. However, improved technology also requires vigilance about vehicle maintenance, as these modern features are also connected to sensors that wear down and fail over time. If you suspect your Sprinter van needs a NOx sensor replacement, Burdi Motorworks is here to help you identify, diagnose and treat the issue. Let's learn a bit more about what this part does for your car and how to tell when it's time to replace it. NOx Sensors: A Brief Overview NOx stands for nitrogen oxide. An NOx sensor measures the amount of this compound distributed by your vehicle's exhaust. Nitrous oxide is an environmental pollutant and is a factor in the creation of acid rain and smog. Thus, NOx sensors help protect the environment from damage and monitor your engine's efficiency to ensure it is operating properly. NO ... read more

Sprinter Oil Cooler Replacement: A Primer

If you own a Sprinter vehicle with a Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC engine that has a leaking oil cooler, you're probably wondering who you should turn to for help. Look no further — Burdi Motorworks is here to make sure you have the support you need. We are an independent Mercedes repair facility that has specialized in Mercedes and Sprinter repair for over forty years. Our mechanics are experts in identifying, diagnosing and fixing issues with these engines and restoring them to working order. Sprinter oil cooler leaks can be very hard to find, but they can lead to very significant differences in performance and engine life. Scroll down to take a look at this issue to learn more about what's going on and what you can do about it. SCHEDULE OIL COOLER REPLACEMENT OM642 Oil Cooler Leak: The Basics If you own a Sprinter manufactured sometime between 2007 and 2010, it's fairly likely you'll encounter a leak with the oil cooler unit. Oil coolers are typical of mach ... read more

Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Cargo Van for Your Business

Whether businesses are looking to invest in one company vehicle or an entire fleet of company vehicles, full-size cargo vans offer the best solution for a variety of businesses. Regardless of what business you're in, things like fuel efficiency, reliability, space, comfort and residual value are always important — all things cargo vans have to offer. Storage needs, however, vary greatly among businesses — for example, what a florist needs to transport floral arrangements to a wedding is significantly different from what a contractor needs to store tools and equipment. Regardless of how vast the diversity of needs might be, the customization options for cargo vans make them the best option for businesses at both ends of the spectrum. Top 10 Benefits of Cargo Vans for Businesses We've gathered a list of the top 10 selling points cargo vans have to offer, followed by a brief introduction to three of our favorite models and some different businesses that have all used cargo van ... read more