Mercedes Benz NOx Sensor Issues: How to Know If Your NOx Sensor Is Bad

Modern automobiles are chock full of amazing conveniences their traditional counterparts lack. GPS navigation, Bluetooth audio and improved safety mechanisms help provide comfort and convenience. However, improved technology also requires vigilance about vehicle maintenance, as these modern features are also connected to sensors that wear down and fail over time.

If you suspect your Sprinter van needs a NOx sensor replacement, Burdi Motorworks is here to help you identify, diagnose and treat the issue. Let's learn a bit more about what this part does for your car and how to tell when it's time to replace it.

NOx Sensors: A Brief Overview

NOx stands for nitrogen oxide. An NOx sensor measures the amount of this compound distributed by your vehicle's exhaust. Nitrous oxide is an environmental pollutant and is a factor in the creation of acid rain and smog. Thus, NOx sensors help protect the environment from damage and monitor your engine's efficiency to ensure it is operating properly.

NOx sensors are commonly found in diesel engines, and many Sprinter vans contain Mercedes-Benz diesel engines. These engines are traditionally more fuel-efficient than standard gasoline engines, allowing for better gas mileage when transporting materials over long distances.

If your Mercedes Sprinter van is running rough and you suspect an NOx sensor is to blame, it's best to have a professional Mercedes mechanic run a diagnostic using the vehicle's on-board computer to know for sure. One of the most common possible causes of a failed NOx sensor in a Sprinter van is the appearance of a “start countdown” timer. If you happen to notice your dashboard light up with an “XXX starts remaining” notification, contact your mechanic immediately so as not to be stranded during an important trip.

We here at Burdi Motorworks don't recommend trying to diagnose and fix an NOx sensor on your own if you aren't thoroughly trained in Mercedes-Benz engine repair. NOx sensors can be quite pricey, so rather than throw down a lot of money to swap it out if you aren't fully certain that's the issue, consult with a trusted technician who can pinpoint the particular problem.

Burdi Motorworks: Your Chicagoland Source for Sprinter NOx Sensor Replacement

Don't let a bad NOx sensor interrupt your business. If you're in the Chicago area and have a Sprinter van or Mercedes-Benz powered vehicle that is in need of repair, contact us here at Burdi Motorworks. We are a family run business that has served a wide range of satisfied clients. Our founder, Carmine Burdi, is an expert in Mercedes repair with over forty years of experience diagnosing and fixing Mercedes vehicles. Carmine has entrusted the operation of the business to his sons, Carmine and Vince, who have upheld the stellar reputation of their father — providing our customers with friendly service and thorough workmanship. We'll be sure to provide your automobile with a specialized care plan and restore it to its optimal operating condition.