Where to Get Your Mercedes Serviced

When you purchase a car, the dealer will insist you rely on their services until the end of time. However, you have additional options aside from taking your Mercedes to its original dealership. More economical and personalized services offer the same solutions and repairs — and if you're lucky, you'll find a shop that provides the best of both worlds through authorized certification and a local presence.

As an independent Mercedes repair facility, Burdi Motors wants to help you consider all your options when you're faced with mechanical issues, leaks and breakdowns. We will take you through the various repair company choices, as well as the benefits of partnering with a local service.

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Do I Have to Take My Mercedes to a Dealership for Services?

After you've purchased your first Mercedes, you may be wondering if you have to service your Mercedes at the dealership. Although dealerships want you to believe they are exclusive, authorized and local shops offer the same services and products.

Many companies have the skills, technology, tools and diagnostic equipment to work on your Mercedes, giving you plenty of options, including more affordable choices. There is often a massive price difference between a dealership and a local repair shop.

Several myths about dealerships include:

  • They offer unique manufactured fluids and oil that you can only receive through them
  • Independent mechanics don't have the correct diagnostic computers
  • Local shops don't have the same training
  • Only dealerships can receive factory parts
  • Dealers know the required maintenance better

Many independent service shops are owned by previous dealership mechanics. Or, if they aren't, their employees have received the proper training to support your engine, tires, fluids and other components with top-tier equipment and OEM parts.

Mercedes Shop Options

When you need an oil change, or your Mercedes is experiencing transmission problems, you can rely on a dealership, authorized center or a local repair shop.

An authorized repair center is like a dealer when it comes to repair services, but it doesn't sell any vehicles like a dealership. An authorized service provider is a company that works on a product under warranty of another. It must complete a certification test given by the leading brand. A local shop can be authorized while operating on various makes and models of vehicles.

Dealership and Authorized Supplier


  • Mechanics trained by the manufacturer:Workers have targeted experience on your specific Mercedes, making them more aware of consistent problems with different models and allowing them to complete fast repairs. Dealerships and authorized shops also can afford to hire many employees to complete repairs quickly.
  • Receive the latest technology upon release:As soon as new advances hit the market, dealers and authorized shops can receive the latest equipment from the manufacturer. They also operate using genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.
  • Guaranteed warranty work: If you're under warranty by Mercedes, repairs and general maintenance won't cost anything when you go to an authorized mechanic or dealer. Dealers also address issues free of charge when they don't complete the work to your standards.


  • Meet with service advisers:Instead of conversing with the mechanic one-on-one, you meet with a manager who sends your information to the technicians. Sometimes, a different person will work on your Mercedes throughout its repair. It's a less personal approach and customers often feel lost in the shuffle.
  • Higher costs: Dealerships charge flat-rate services no matter how long it takes to perform repairs. It could take a technician 30 minutes or 2 hours, but you pay one price. In the worst case, they may cut corners to reduce time spent on more difficult problems.

If you're willing to pay higher prices for specialized technicians, remaining with your car's dealership may be ideal.

Local Repair Shop

Trusting your local mechanic gives you both pros and cons. But when it comes to your Mercedes-Benz, you will want to focus on the quality of work and who is servicing your vehicle.

Advantages of an Independent Shop

Independent mechanic shops ranked higher than dealers when it came to price, quality, customer satisfaction and on-time repairs. People felt that local shops outperformed dealerships.

  • Work with mechanics:You meet the mechanic in-person who will be servicing and repairing your Mercedes. It's a personalized approach that works with you to determine your expectations. Because mechanics are paid hourly, they're likely to give more attention to each repair to ensure quality work.
  • Owned or staffed by previous dealerships technicians: Anyone who works in a repair shop has undergone proper training, making them proficient professionals. If they previously worked for a dealership, they have extensive experience as well.
  • Honor your warranty: If the local shop is an authorized dealer, they will honor your brand's warranty. Their specialists work with original manufacturer parts, as well as alternative, less expensive solutions.
  • More economical: Because local services are smaller, they can lower maintenance and repair costs for customers.
  • Advanced technology: Independent repair shops work with the same proper diagnostic tools and advanced equipment as larger corporations.

Disadvantages of an Independent Shop

Two downfalls of working with an independent company include:

  • Work on a cross-section of vehicles: Smaller shops work on multiple vehicle brands, which means they may not be able to perform certain Mercedes repairs. Without a single specialized service, they may spend more time figuring out your car's problem.
  • Don't cover all warranties:Some local businesses may not always work with OEM parts, which can void your warranty. Depending on their abilities, they may not have the right tools for new vehicles, either.

Consider the pros and cons of working with either a Mercedes dealership or an independent shop that can tailor its repairs to your Benz.

What to Look for in a Local Repair Shop for Mercedes

In contrast to a dealership, a local mechanic can provide the same solutions at a reduced price — but you should still search for a shop that matches the proper characteristics for your Mercedes.

  • Accessibility to Mercedes factory parts.
  • Certified and trained technicians.
  • Mercedes specialty diagnostic tools.
  • Specialty service with a multi-point inspection.

It's essential to partner with a local shop that has specialized Mercedes features. When technicians can adapt to your specific needs, it gives you peace of mind that your car is in the right hands.

In the best-case scenario, the company will offer personalized service and specialize in understanding your Mercedes' unique needs. Many local repair shops come with the additional benefit of being authorized in Mercedes equipment and parts.

Burdi Motorworks: Local Mercedes Solutions

Burdi Motors is both an independent and authorized Mercedes repair facility located in Schiller Park, IL. Not only do our factory-trained technicians concentrate on Mercedes repairs, but we also offer competitive prices and personal services. For the last 40 years, we have prided ourselves on delivering top-tier convenience, workmanship and value as a family-owned and operated shop. On top of providing Mercedes services, accessories and parts, we also work with other brands.

Browse our Mercedes-Benz services or contact us for additional information about our solutions. Burdi Motors hopes to form a personal connection with you while bringing incredible value to your mechanical repairs.


Can I get my Mercedes serviced anywhere?

Yes, but it's advised you find a specialty shop.

Can any car shop get Mercedes factory parts?

Yes, but they may not be an authorized dealer.

Do I have to take my Mercedes to a dealership for an oil change?

No, you can rely on an authorized or local repair service.

Do I have to take my Mercedes to a dealership if it's under warranty?

No, authorized companies can also service your warranty.

Do independent shops have access to my Digital Service Booklet — DSB?