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Mercedes A Service — More Than Just an Oil Change

The first notification you will receive that your Mercedes is due for its 10,000-mile oil change is a message on your dash. At that point, you may be wondering whether it's worthwhile to take the car into a Mercedes dealer for the “A Service” or if it would be more convenient to get the oil changed elsewhere. After all, there are a number of businesses offering Mercedes car oil change services. If you have plenty of options, does it make sense to go to your Mercedes dealer? First, lets look at what Mercedes Service A means and what's done during this tune-up. What is Mercedes-Benz A Service? ‘Service A' is recommended for your Mercedes vehicle at 10,000 miles or at 1 year. After your initial Mercedes A Service, you should continue to schedule a ‘service A' at every 20,000 mile-intervals thereafter. What Does Mercedes A Service Include? When you schedule your Service ... read more