15 Things to Do in Schiller Park While You Are Having Your Car Serviced

Instead of twiddling your thumbs waiting to have your car serviced, you can spend your time adventuring around Schiller Park. The area has no shortage of recreational facilities, parks, restaurants and other accommodations for you to enjoy.

While Burdi Motorworks technicians maintain and repair your vehicle, we encourage you to explore the greater Chicago area. Schiller Park, in particular, is a beautiful place to spend your time, whether you’re looking to relax, be active or sit down for a meal. We’ve created a brief list of what you can do while waiting for your car.

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What to Do in Schiller Park, Illinois

After dropping your car at Burdi Motorworks, our technicians will get to work on making appropriate repairs. Depending on how long our services will take, you may be lucky enough to have time to go somewhere to spend the day on your own or with your children. We are in an excellent location near entertainment facilities, outdoor areas and top dining spots.

Here are 15 things you can do within the Schiller Park area.

1. Schiller Woods South

Schiller Woods South Pond
Photo By: Jeremy Riel
Schiller Woods Things To Do
Screenshot from Schiller Woods Website

Schiller Woods South is 0.8 miles away and about a 15-minute walk from Burdi Motors. Here, you can go hiking, fishing, picnicking and enjoy other outdoor activities. You can bring your bicycle and ride on the park’s various trails or even bring your dog to play. Spending time outside is one of the best ways to unwind. You can spend 30 minutes or more in the park while you participate in a variety of activities.

2. Mantra Restaurant

Mantra Restaurant Schiller Park

Mantra is a fine-dining spot that serves unique Indian cuisine. They serve everything from vegetarian appetizers and soup to tandoor and various entrees. It’s the perfect place to grab a bite to eat and relax. Mantra is about a 15-minute walk from our business, or you can bike the 0.7-mile distance within four minutes. If you order take-out, you can spend as little as 15 minutes at the restaurant. If you choose to dine in, you can relax for up to an hour.

3. Hyper Fight Fitness

Hyper Flight Fitness Schiller Park
Photo From Hyper Flight Fitness Facebook

If you’re looking to boost your fitness levels, you may want to check out Hyper Fight Fitness. Unless you’re already a member, you can opt for a free three-day pass to experience what the gym has to offer. Their programs range from boxing and cross-training to boot camps and personal training. The fitness center is 0.5 miles away, making it a 10-minute walk or two-minute bike ride from Burdi Motorworks. Whether you take a class or use their facility for a personal workout, your time spent at the gym can range from 30 minutes up to two hours.

4. Indian Boundary Golf Course

Indian Boundary Golf Course Schiller Park
Photo From Indian Boundary Golf Website

If you bring your bike to Burdi Motorworks, it’s about a 10-minute ride to Indian Boundary Golf Course, which is 2.1 miles away. If you’re a golf enthusiast, Indian Boundary is the ideal place to unwind and putt a few holes. It also holds various events you may want to check out. Depending on how many holes you decide to putt, you can spend anywhere from 90 minutes to four hours at the course.

5. Stalica Park

Stalica Park Schiller Park
Photo from Stalica Park Facebook

Stalica Park is an expansive outdoor area where you can shoot hoops on the basketball court or take a stroll on several walking paths. You can also bring a picnic to Stalica Park under designated areas or the gazebo. Even if you want to practice hitting some balls on the diamond, it’s the perfect place. Stalica Park is 0.6 miles away and less than a 15-minute walk from Burdi Motorworks. You can spend up to an hour at the park playing different sports or relaxing.

6. Schiller Park Public Library

Schiller Park LibraryPhoto from Schiller Park Library Facebook

If you want to spend your time indulging in a great book, the Schiller Park Public Library is a four-minute bike ride from Burdi Motorworks. Not only can you visit the library to find your next favorite read, but they also have a year-round book sale, public computers, meeting and study rooms and database resources to support your needs. Schiller Park Public Library offers a multitude of events throughout the year as well. With its close proximity to Burdi’s, about 0.7 miles, you can spend your time reading, studying or researching for up to an hour.

7. Chaser’s Sports Bar and Grill

Near the library is Chaser’s Sports Bar and Grill if you’re looking to grab a meal. Hop on your bike for a quick six-minute ride or walk 15 minutes from Burdi Motorworks. The restaurant has all the classic bar-and-grill food lined up, including mozzarella sticks and homemade pizzas. It’s the perfect place to grab a quick bite and be back in time to pick up your vehicle. Ordering food to go can take anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes unless you call ahead. If you choose to belly up to the bar, you can spend about an hour of your day having a tasty meal. Chaser’s is 0.7 miles from our site.

8. Short Fuse Brewing Company

Short Fuse Brewing Company Schiller Park
Photo From Short Fuse Brewing Company Facebook

Short Fuse Brewing Company is a bit more of a hike at 1.7 miles away from Burdi’s. But, if you rely on public transportation, you can get there in 15 minutes. Or, take your bike and get there in 10. The company offers brewery tours on the weekends, which can be a fun outing. They also have an extensive menu and the largest taproom in Chicagoland. Spend anywhere from one hour to several at the brewery to get the full experience.

9. iCOMBAT Chicago

iCOMBAT Chicago is where you can go to play rounds of tactical laser tag. It’s a realistic, first-person shooter experience that engages your senses. If you’re looking to fuel your adrenaline craving, iCOMBAT is perfect to experience with a group of friends or your children. The facility is 18 minutes or 1.7 miles away via public transportation. The more people you go up against, the more you can get out of your day. iCombat games can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, but you can always go several rounds before you call it quits.

10. Fashion Outlets of Chicago

Fashion Outlets of Chicago
Photo From Fashion Outlets of Chicago Website

The Fashion Outlets of Chicago offer an array of accommodations, ranging from clothing shops and dining options to public events and rotating art exhibitions. It’s the perfect place to shop for necessities and gifts, or if you want to treat yourself. The Fashion Outlets are about 2 miles away, making it a 35-minute ride on public transportation from Burdi Motorworks. Shopping around can take about an hour of your day’s time while you wait for your vehicle.

11.Rosemont Theatre

Rosemont Theatre near Schiller park
Photo from Rosemont Theatre Facebook

Next to the fashion outlets is the Rosemont Theatre, which is less than 25 minutes and 2.2 miles from Burdi Motorworks on public transportation. The Rosemont Theatre is a concert hall that hosts full-scale productions, musicals and entertainers from around the world. Check out their weekly events to enjoy their incredible lineup of performances. Shows often last about one hour.

12. Dave & Buster’s

About three miles away, close to the fashion outlets and the theatre, Dave & Buster’s is 35 minutes from Burdi Motorworks via public transportation. At the entertainment center, you can spend the day playing hundreds of games, including Dance Dance Revolution and virtual reality competitions. On top of playing, you can watch sports, plus eat and drink all under one roof. Think about how much time you can spend in a massive arcade — up to an hour or more, depending on how much you want to win.

13. Edward E. Bluthardt Recreation Center

If you’re looking to get physically active while your car gets serviced, head to the Edward E. Bluthardt Recreation Center. You can check out the fitness center and game room, along with its sports facilities like basketball, volleyball and racquetball courts. It’s a fun way to get your exercise in for the day. The rec center is a six-minute bike ride or 15 minutes on the bus from Burdi Motorworks. While your car is getting serviced, hang out at the rec center for up to an hour to exercise and play different sports. It’s about one mile from our location.

14. The Great Escape Restaurant

Only a one-mile, 15-minute bus ride or five minutes on your bike from Burdi Motorworks, The Great Escape offers tasty and timeless cuisine. It has both a restaurant and a lounge area. You can dine in or carry out, whether you want appetizers and salad or sandwiches and main entrées. Take your time and spend about an hour at the restaurant as you wait for your car.

15. Bacci Pizzeria

Bacci Pizzeria is the ideal place for a mouthwatering slice of pizza — or three. You can also order pasta, sandwiches, wraps, burgers and salads. The pizza served at Bacci’s can be hand-tossed, Chicago-style deep-dish, gluten-free, specialty or by the slice. If you bike the 1.7 miles to Bacci, it will take you about 10 minutes. Indulge in a few pieces of pizza to spend your time, whether you sit around for an hour or get the pizza to go.

You may be in the mood to go for a run, sit down to watch the theatre or eat some tasty food while waiting for our expert technicians to finish servicing your Mercedes. Regardless of your tastes, Schiller Park has an incredible amount of things you can do to keep yourself entertained.

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