Mercedes Transmission Service in Schiller Park, IL

A vehicle's transmission is one of the most important components under the hood. This “gearbox” transmits power into a language your car can understand to drive at a given speed. A problem with a vehicle's transmission can be quite costly, as the source of the error can be difficult to diagnose.

Fortunately, Burdi Motorworks has a team of knowledgeable technicians for Mercedes-Benz transmission repairs. That telltale sound indicating a transmission error is a problem of the past thanks to our ability to rebuild and replace parts of your engine. A Mercedes transmission requires an experienced set of eyes, which is why you should work with Burdi Motorworks in Schiller Park, IL.

Mercedes Transmission Repair Center

Burdi Motorworks is proud to walk our customers through every step of the transmission repair process. Depending on the specific Mercedes make and model, common transmission problems include but are not limited to:

  • Low or dirty transmission fluid: Without proper levels of transmission fluid, gears can slip or grind down. Manual transmissions need fluid for gear lubrication, and automatic transmissions require fluid for hydraulic pressure during movement.
  • Worn clutch: The clutch in a manual system can wear out from driver error, mechanical issues or hydraulic fluid leaks.
  • Slipping gears: The transmission is responsible for delivering power to the wheels. If gears start to slip, you'll experience rough handling with less control over acceleration speed.

The depth of your transmission repair is going to depend on the warning signs coming from your vehicle. Fortunately, technicians at Burdi Motorworks know their way around manual and automatic transmissions thanks to more than 10 decades of combined experience across our team. Outside of transmission work, the experts at Burdi Motorworks provide full-service maintenance in the following areas:

  • Oil changes
  • Tune-ups
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Alignment
  • Batteries
  • A/C repair
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Check engine diagnostics
  • And more

Symptoms of Mercedes Transmission Problems

A healthy transmission provides a driver with a smooth ride as gears change and speed increases. When a transmission problem occurs, Mercedes owners can usually pick up on abnormal behaviors behind the wheel. Keeping your eyes open for the following symptoms of transmission failure will prevent further damage from taking place:

  • Grinding sounds: As you change speeds, a Mercedes vehicle should shift gears smoothly and silently. Clunking noises are a sign of mechanical wear.
  • Rough shifting: If you have a hard time switching between gears, it's possible that shift cables, clutch linkages or hydraulic fluid levels are to blame.
  • Transmission slipping: Power from a faulty transmission may result in a loss of power and acceleration while driving.
  • Overheating: Topping off transmission fluids is a common fix for overheating. If you smell components burning, further damage to your transmission can take place if you don't act quickly.
  • Check engine light: If your Mercedes triggers a check engine light or drops into Limp Home Mode, schedule a maintenance visit at Burdi Motorworks immediately. The change could be a sign that there's an issue with your vehicle's transmission.

Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change

Factory-trained technicians at Burdi Motorworks are able to check transmission fluid levels across various vehicles. We'll first assess your make and model to decide if your Mercedes should be running or not while conducting the test. Our technicians will open the hood and check the transmission fluid dipstick to make sure levels reach the “full” indicator line.

At Burdi Motorworks, we team up with our customers to regularly service Mercedes models. During tune-up appointments, we'll check transmission fluid and top off levels as needed. If you're checking transmission fluid on your own, note that this solution is pink in color for better visibility.

Look for any dirt or grime buildup along the dipstick — doing so may help you detect a problem before it occurs.

Contact Burdi Motorworks for Transmission Repair Service

If you own a Mercedes and live near Schiller Park, Burdi Motorworks wants to service your vehicle to keep it running for years to come. We're a proud family-owned and operated business with more than 40 years of experience handling repairs. The sky is the limit here at Burdi Motorworks — we service transmissions of individual cars and fleets of all sizes.

For transmission maintenance, preventative care or Mercedes repair, be sure to contact Burdi Motorworks today.