How an Oil Change Can Make All the Difference

How an Oil Change Can Make All the Difference


There’s owning a car, and then there’s owning a Mercedes-Benz. Until you’ve slid behind the wheel of a Benz, felt the solid ‘clunk’ of the door as it shuts, heard the powerplant purring like clockwork and discovered the exhilarating sensation of smooth, effortless acceleration, handling and braking, you just don’t get it. As Mercedes owners, we’re used to being spoiled by our vehicles. From time to time, it’s important to return the favor and put a little TLC back into your Mercedes-Benz.

If you live in or around Chicago, you might already know of Burdi Motorworks. Conveniently located near O’Hare Airport in Schiller Park, Illinois, we’ve spent over forty years learning the ins and outs of Mercedes and Sprinter vehicles. Our passion for these class-leading vehicles drives us to exceed your expectations in terms of workmanship, convenience and value. Our service is second to none, and we pride ourselves on our extensive Mercedes-Benz knowledge.

One of the most critical maintenance items to consider is your oil change. All engines require clean oil to run smoothly and avoid wear, but this becomes even more critical when you’re talking about a power-dense Benz powerplant. It doesn’t matter if it’s a high-strung turbo V4 in your CLK convertible, a silky-smooth V6 in your C-Class sedan or a throaty V8 under the hood of your G-Wagon SUV.

Engineered for performance and reliability, your Mercedes engine requires oil changes according to Mercedes’ recommendations.

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What’s in an Oil Change?

All oil changes include the same basic steps. When we change your car’s oil at Burdi, we’re methodical so that we can guarantee a perfect oil change every time:

  • The first step is draining your oil. At Burdi, we inspect your oil to verify there are no abnormalities or debris, which can indicate abnormal engine wear or problematic running conditions.
  • Next we remove your oil filter. Some shade tree mechanics try to skip this step to save a few bucks, but it’s never worth it. An old filter gets clogged and can starve your engine of oil. Change it every time.
  • Once your oil is drained, we install a new filter. We only use Mercedes-approved oil filters. Once again, you’ll find some DIYers that try to save a few dollars on a cheaper filter, but we never risk it at Burdi.
  • Your Mercedes engine calls for a specific type of oil designed for maximum performance, economy and wear protection. We always respect Mercedes’ official guidelines for oil type and volume.
  • Once your engine is filled, we fire it up and let it run to verify there are no leaks. We then double-check the level and top-off if needed. We clean everything under your hood to keep your Benz spotless.
  • The last step is resetting your oil life monitor. This critical engine monitor tracks the level and performance of your oil and indicates when you need your next oil change, via a dashboard warning.

While doing your own oil change at home is possible, our Mercedes customers appreciate our professional oil change service. Inspecting your oil and resetting the diagnostic monitor are two of the value-added services we can provide. Making a trip to Burdi Motorworks for your next Benz oil change a smart idea.


How Does an Oil Change Benefit My Engine?

The oil in your engine serves several purposes. Modern engine oils are carefully formulated to perform several functions across a wide range of operating conditions. Your engine oil needs to work as well on a cold winter morning as it does after a dozen hot laps at the track.

Your oil can help save your engine in the following ways:

  • Lubricating: Clean oil does a better job of lubricating moving parts in your engine than old oil, because heat and wear breaks your oil down, diminishing its lubricating properties.
  • Heat Management: Combustion and friction in your engine generate extreme amounts of heat. Some of this heat passes into your oil, and your oil’s capacity to absorb heat diminishes as it ages.
  • Fuel Economy: The smoother your engine’s internals can operate, the less energy is wasted. Fuel economy sees a measurable bump when you replace your dirty old oil with clean new oil.
  • Sludge and Contamination: Engine wear particles and debris are trapped by your oil and eventually filtered out by your oil filter. Once your oil gets saturated, it needs to be changed to avoid increased engine wear.
  • Stress and Wear: If your engine is struggling to make power, it will wear out sooner than if your oil is clean and allowing for optimal operation. The cost of an oil change is significantly lower than an engine rebuild!

With so much riding on your oil, it only makes sense to follow Mercedes’ recommendations for regular oil changes, and to trust our expert technicians here at Burdi Motorworks to take care of it for you.


And If I Don’t Change My Oil?

If your car isn’t burning oil, is there really a problem if you don’t respect the manufacturer’s suggested oil change intervals? YES! Of all of your vehicle’s fluids, the engine oil is the one that can cause the most damage if it isn’t performing properly.

Increased engine wear because of a low oil level or lubrication breakdown in your oil means increased metal-on-metal on contact. Trust us — it’s even worse than it sounds!

Some car owners think they’re saving money by extending or skipping oil changes, but they’re almost always false savings. The added wear you’re putting on your engine — especially in the case of a high-performance Mercedes-Benz engine — means you’re going to have big repair bills farther down the road.

Even if you don’t suffer premature engine wear, old or insufficient oil will always have an impact on your performance and fuel efficiency:

  • New oil performing optimally lubricates your engine, meaning the internal parts can move more freely. Less friction means more energy goes into propelling you down the road. You wouldn’t drive a Mercedes if you didn’t care about performance, so you may as well be getting the most power out of yours!
  • Modern engine oil, like the kind used by Mercedes, works to pull heat from your engine, which is then removed by your car’s oil cooler. When your engine runs at the right temperature, you see a marked increase in fuel efficiency. That’s why using old oil doesn’t really save you any money in the long-run.

The list of reasons to change your oil is a long one. If you’re still not convinced, remember that if you go to trade or sell your Mercedes-Benz vehicle someday, having proof of regular oil changes by a professional is a huge plus. Most Mercedes enthusiasts won’t even consider a vehicle if you can’t show that you respected the prescribed oil change intervals and oil quality.

Why Burdi Motorworks?

We’re not the only repair facility in the area capable of changing your oil. But as an Independent Mercedes Repair Facility, we’ve spent over 40 years building up our knowledge and experience with Mercedes-Benz vehicles and Sprinter vans. You can trust us to have the skills, techniques and parts to perform your oil change and offer you real value. We can also take care of any other Mercedes maintenance you may need in and around the Chicago area.

Contact our team at Burdi Motorworks and make an appointment for an oil change. We look forward to seeing which model you drive! We’re equally comfortable working on a brand-new Benz on its first oil change as we are on a lovely old classic Merc that’s still humming along. You’ll quickly see how we’ve become the leading Independent Mercedes Repair Facility around by offering professional service, quality work and added value to everything we do.

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