Mercedes a Service – 10,000 Miles

All automobiles thrive when they are regularly maintained. A vehicle that receives routine fluid top-offs, oil changes and adjustments will continue to provide you with dedicated service for many years.

If you're a Mercedes-Benz owner, you've likely heard of Mercedes service A, a 10,000 mile Mercedes inspection offered by trained Mercedes mechanics designed to inspect and address certain components in your car. Burdi Motorworks, an independent Mercedes-Benz repair facility in Chicago, offers both Service A and Service B inspections.

Let's take a look at Service A to learn more about what it entails and how Burdi Motorworks can help keep your car running in great shape.

What is Mercedes A Service?

When your Mercedes-Benz reaches the 10,000-mile mark, it qualifies for its first Service A inspection. Your dashboard may have already let you know about the need for this. Aside from a regular oil change, Mercedes-A Service generally includes a multi-point inspection.

Mercedes A Service - Burdi Motorworks

What Comes With a Mercedes A Service?

Bring your car in to Burdi Motorworks, and we'll start with a basic oil change, flushing out the old fluid and replacing it with a new product while swapping in a new filter.

Next, a multi-point inspection will follow. We will access a guideline that instructs us which parts in particular to look at relative to the model you own, including everything in the following checklist.

Mercedes A Service Checklist:

Windshield/head lamp wipers:

These will be tested for proper operation, and any lost fluids will be replaced.

Warning/turn signals:

Our technicians will have a look at these to make sure they are operating in the proper fashion.

Seat belts:

Your seat belts will be tested to ensure your safety.

Brake pads and brake discs:

Our qualified Mercedes-Benz technicians will make sure your brake pads and discs are not worn down and in need of replacement.

Dust filter:

Should you own a CLK, SLK or E-Class Mercedes-Benz, we will check your dust filter to learn whether it needs to be replaced.

Fluid level check and top off:

We will check any other fluid levels to find out whether they are in need of being topped off.

Tire pressure check and tire condition check:

We'll make sure your tires — including your spare tires — are properly inflated and not too worn down.

FSS counter reset:

Your Mercedes-Benz is equipped with an FSS, or Flexible Service System counter. This system alerts you to necessary Service A and Service B intervals. We'll reset this so it is properly calibrated to let you know when to schedule your next Service A or Service B appointment.

Should our technicians find anything concerning during your Service A appointment, we'll be sure to let you know and walk you through any repairs we recommend.

Trust Burdi Motorworks for Your Mercedes-Benz Service A Needs

Burdi Motorworks, a family owned and operated business in Schiller Park, IL, has over forty years of experience identifying, diagnosing and repairing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Carmine Burdi, our founder, was trained to repair Mercedes-Benz automobiles in Germany and has entrusted his sons, Carmine and Vince, with the day-to-day operations of the family-run Mercedes shop. You can rest assured that your car is in good hands at Burdi.

Our team of expert technicians is fully qualified to execute a Service A procedure. To schedule your Mercedes-Benz Service A appointment, contact us today.