Auto Collision Center & Auto Body Services in Schiller Park, IL

You're out and about and the worst possibility imaginable occurs — your pristine vehicle is damaged in a car accident. Although you can't predict where or when a car accident will occur, you can rest assured that the factory-trained and certified technicians at Burdi Motorworks' collision center can help. We have the tools and training necessary to ensure your vehicle receives the most detailed auto body repair services to make it look like new.

Every driver and vehicle deserves the best care possible, especially after an auto accident. When you trust Burdi Motorworks for your auto body repair, you'll be assured that we use only the highest-quality and most personalized solutions. The certified collision repair center at Burdi Motorworks will guarantee that your auto is restored and repaired the right way while ensuring a hassle-free experience.

After a car or bumper accident, you can go to Burdi Motorworks with confidence knowing that we utilize only the best parts and the most advanced tools and equipment to restore your car to its like-new condition. After an unexpected auto collision, you deserve only the best treatment — why not choose the Schiller Park, IL, leading auto body and bumper repair center?

You've Recently Been in a Car Accident — Relax, We've Got You Covered

The moments immediately after a car accident can be hectic, but when you take your dinged vehicle to the service professionals at Burdi Motorworks, you'll get a hassle-free, efficient collision repair experience with a personalized touch.

Whether you've experienced minor bumper damage from another vehicle or were in a major car accident, you can trust that the factory-trained experts at Burdi Motorworks have the tools, expertise, and solutions necessary to perform reliable repairs and restore quality of your vehicle. We'll use high-quality materials and order specific paint colors tailored to your vehicle model so that you never have to worry about workmanship or the finished appearance.

Our service advisors are happy to answer any and all questions regarding your recent car accident. Our team will closely inspect the condition of your vehicle and determine repair solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. From start to finish, we'll do everything possible to streamline the repair process and get you back on the road safely and comfortably.

From towing to vehicle delivery, the service professionals at Burdi Motorworks handle every aspect of your auto body repair project to guarantee an exceptional customer experience and a superior finished product.

Insurance Claims

After a car accident, filing and managing your insurance claim can be difficult. But at Burdi Motorworks, our experienced team will help handle all communications with your insurance provider to ensure your vehicle is repaired completely and properly.

Oftentimes, after an auto or bumper accident, a claims adjuster's definition of “restored” will differ from the expert opinion of our engineers. To guarantee that your car is repaired properly and according to the safest and most comprehensive standards, we'll keep a detailed record of all insurance provider communications and fully document all repair procedures.

Towing and Recovery

To keep you and your passengers safe and ensure the immediate aftermath of your recent accident is as straightforward as possible, Burdi Motorworks offers convenient, fast towing services to our collision repair center.

We understand that not having access to a reliable, safe vehicle is tough. We can set up a quick car rental and discuss your repair options. With a variety of commonly stocked parts readily available, we're able to reduce repair downtime and can get you back on the road in no time.

Bumper to Bumper

At Burdi Motorworks, we can handle everything from small scratches, dings, and dents that detract from the appearance of your vehicle to major collision repair requirements. Our highly trained team can cover any type of repair need, large or small, spanning from your front to your back bumper. Our goal is to make it look like you were never involved in a car accident at all.

Detail and Finishing

When you step into your newly repaired vehicle, we want it to have the exciting and fresh appeal of a brand new car. After completely repairing and restoring your auto, our thorough experts will perform a complete vehicle detail and finishing, including full interior treatment with vacuuming, surface cleaning, seat treatment, full wipedown, carpet cleaning, and interior glass and steering wheel treatment.

Along with your pristine interiors, we'll also perform a full exterior body wash with hand-dry techniques, buff, wax, polish, and tire and wheel cleaning treatment so that your repaired vehicle shines like new.

Why Choose Burdi Motorworks' Certified Collision Repair Center?

Local Schiller Park, IL, Mercedes owners have trusted Burdi Motorworks for all of their auto body repair needs because of our four decades of vehicle repair and restoration experience. Along with extensive industry experience, we offer respectful, detailed services matched with highly trained, certified technicians, ideal solutions, and personalized offerings to suit specific needs.

With Burdi Motorworks as your trusted Mercedes auto repair company, you can also expect:

  • Genuine replacement parts
  • State-of-the-art tools and materials
  • Experienced, factory-trained professionals
  • Factory-approved repair solutions
  • Insurance claim support and guidance

Restore the Look and Feel of Your Vehicle With Collision Repair Expertise From Burdi Motorworks

When you need the most understanding, dependable, and comprehensive vehicle repair and restoration solutions designed to meet your specific needs and expectations, reach out to the trained local auto body repair experts at Burdi Motorworks of Schiller Park, IL.

Since 1991, our team has served as the leading Mercedes repair and maintenance professionals throughout the greater Chicago area and its surrounding communities. We also provide service for other leading brands. With Burdi Motorworks as your trusted collision repair center, you can expect helpful and experienced professionals, quality parts and tools, and complete service offerings.

Learn more about our collision center and repair services today. Call us to speak with a repair specialist, or complete our online contact form to schedule auto body repair services.

Frequently Asked Auto Body Questions

What if I can't drive my vehicle?
The car was in a major accident and it's not drivable. Okay. Give us a call directly to set up a tow service. We will have the vehicle picked up and delivered to our facility.

I started a claim with my insurance, now what?
As soon as the vehicle is at our shop, we can go ahead and start an estimate. Basically, we need to fully understand the damage and give you an idea of the costs involved to repair your vehicle. We will work with your insurance company. Just give us a call.

I need a car to drive?
We can set you up in a car rental, with one of our neighboring partners. Since we are located right by the airport, there are several car rental facilities in the area, and the best part is we know which ones have the best rates and cars available. We do have loaners available, but they are limited. Please give us a call and we help schedule that for you.

How long is the repair going to take?
Typically, an auto body repair will last anywhere from 3-5 business days, but this can vary in length depending on the severity of the damage. Obviously, paint and primer need the proper time to dry, so we try not to rush that part of the process. In meantime, just know we are diligently working to finish your vehicle.

My vehicle has rust; how can we fix it?
Rust is not fun. In fact, many body shops don't want to work with it because it takes longer to repair. We don't mind it is part of the job. Contact us today about getting your rust repaired.

I have a Check Engine or SRS Light on now?
Since we invest in both training and technology our team is able to diagnose any issue that may arise after an accident. A Check Engine Light, SRS, or airbag light may have been in result of the accident. Give us a chance to inspect the vehicle and prepare an estimate for you today.