Extended Warranty

Extended Warranty Information

Do you have an extended warranty plan for your Mercedes or Sprinter? Your manufacturer’s warranty covers repairs for a certain period of time, but after that time expires, you become solely responsible for paying whatever costs come your way. So, many of our savvy customers have opted to purchase extended warranty plans for their Mercedes vehicles. Extended warranty coverage helps you save money on unexpected repairs and prolongs the life of the car after the manufacture warranty has long passed.

Burdi Motorworks can work directly with your extended warranty coverage plan and help you handle the warranty claim with ease. Just give us a call today and one of our service advisers will answer all your questions.


Benefits of Third-party Extended Warranties

Typically, extended warranties are sold when you purchase your pre-owned vehicle from an independent dealer, but consumers are able to pick up these plans from many third-party warranty companies. Everyday there are so many new companies starting up offering extended warranty coverage plans, but beware. We recommend that you do your homework first and contact us with any questions when you start shopping around for an extended warranty protection plan.

Extended warranty is all about the coverage. When you sign and pay for the plan, be sure to hold onto the contract for any future repairs. This plan will help you before the unexpected happens because let’s face it things break. There are many versions of coverage, but overall you do get what you pay for. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time, then make the investment with a “Gold” extended warranty level plan. This will help you keep peace of mind down the road. These are few quick items to look for in your plan:

  • Low Deductible
  • Long Term Plan
  • Free Car Rental
  • Free Towing Service
  • Coverage, Coverage, Coverage – The More the Better

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have an extended warranty plan, but I’m interested in buying one? 

Typically, extended warranty plans are sold when you purchase the vehicle, but there are companies that sell coverage afterwards. Give us a call and we can make a recommendation based off your needs.


I have an extended warranty plan, how do I use it? 

Schedule an appointment with us and get the vehicle to our location. We will go over the details and help you start the claim. We like to inspect the vehicle first to fully understand what it needs in order to be repaired correctly.


Will the extended warranty plan cover all my repairs?

Typically, no. Many companies claim to have “full coverage”, but it is all in the fine print. Customers are required to pay a deductible any time a claim is made. Customers are also responsible for both maintenance items (i.e. services) and “wear and tear” items (i.e. tires, brakes). The more coverage you buy, the more you get in the end. Make sure to have a copy of your extended warranty contract when you come in. This will help your service adviser determine what is covered and what is not covered.

Do you have questions about purchasing an extended warranty for your Mercedes or other vehicle?

Contact Burdi Motorworks today! We are happy to help you with all of your extended warranty questions!