Mercedes-Benz Metris

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You’re probably aware that Burdi Motorworks is the preferred location for Mercedes-Benz fleet service repair in Chicago. You may also know that we service Mercedes vans. But did you know our factory-trained experts not only perform full service and maintenance on your Mercedes Sprinter fleet vehicles, but that Burdi Motorworks is your Metris repair center in Chicago as well? It’s true. When it comes to Metris service, Chicago-based Burdi Motorworks has the personnel to get your fleet back in top working condition.

About the Mercedes Metris

The Mercedes Metris, known as the Vito outside the United States, is the perfect vehicle for fleets where the Sprinter is just a little bigger than what the business needs. But just because the Metris is smaller doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done. Although there is a passenger version, this is a serious workhorse, with a powerful but quiet 208 horsepower 2.0-lter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It provides 258 lb.-ft. of torque and carries a payload of up to 2,502 lbs. in the cargo version. While comfort is not the first priority of the Mercedes Metris, it handles well on the streets and highway alike, even loaded up and at higher speeds.


Mercedes Metris Repair

You’ll have a hard time finding a Mercedes Metris van repair shop in Chicago with technicians as experienced and well-trained in Mercedes vehicles as ours at Burdi Motorworks. Burdi Motorworks expert technicians have over 100 years of combined experience working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles both in Germany and in the United States, so you know your Metris repair in Chicago is in good hands. For your Mercedes Metris fleet, Burdi Motorworks offers:

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If you haven’t contacted Burdi Motorworks for your Mercedes Metris repair in Chicago yet, please don’t delay. Any time a van in your fleet is out of commission, it costs you time and money. We’re dedicated to getting those vehicles back on the road in top working order as soon as possible so you can maximize your efficiency and profits. To find out more about what Burdi Motorworks can do for your fleet of vans or other fleet vehicles, contact us today.